Baseball 1 Stats Reporting System is a project aimed at providing fans, sportswriters, commentators, researchers and any other interested parties with additional tools when looking into baseball history. You can build and customize detailed batting, fielding and pitching reports starting as early as 1871 or look at a baseball player salary. You can customize, build and save the reports as PDF documents or export teams data - American League, National League, etc. - in an Excel spreadsheet. We are constantly adding new features so visit us on a regular basis to check them.


    All of our baseball reports are based on Sean Lahman's BASEBALL ARCHIVE. We do our best to make sure the reports are accurate, however we cannot (and no other provider can) guarantee they are error free. The reports can be used copyright free as long as Baseball 1 Stats . com and Sean Lahman's BASEBALL ARCHIVE are credited. We expect to add additional features soon, so please bear with us through the construction process. Your input is extremely valuable, so please let us know what would you like to see in our stats or what do you think would add value to current existing systems. Just visit our site frequently as we intend to add new features on a regular bases. Contact for additional details.

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