1. Ben Chapman2. Bibb Falk3. Bid McPhee4. Bill Adair5. Bill Armour6. Bill Boyd
7. Bill Bradley8. Bill Burwell9. Bill Carrigan10. Bill Craver11. Bill Dahlen12. Bill Dickey
13. Bill Donovan14. Bill Hallman15. Bill Henderson16. Bill Holbert17. Bill Joyce18. Bill Killefer
19. Bill Lennon20. Bill McGunnigle21. Bill McKechnie22. Bill Norman23. Bill Parks24. Bill Phillips
25. Bill Plummer26. Bill Rigney27. Bill Russell28. Bill Sharsig29. Bill Shettsline30. Bill Smith
31. Bill Terry32. Bill Virdon33. Bill Watkins34. Billy Barnie35. Billy Gardner36. Billy Herman
37. Billy Hitchcock38. Billy Hunter39. Billy Jurges40. Billy Martin41. Billy Meyer42. Billy Murray
43. Billy Nash44. Billy Southworth45. Billy Sullivan46. Birdie Tebbetts47. Blondie Purcell48. Bo Porter
49. Bob Addy50. Bob Allen51. Bob Boone52. Bob Brenly53. Bob Caruthers54. Bob Coleman
55. Bob Elliott56. Bob Ferguson57. Bob Geren58. Bob Kennedy59. Bob Leadley60. Bob Lemon
61. Bob Lillis62. Bob Melvin63. Bob O'Farrell64. Bob Schaefer65. Bob Scheffing66. Bob Shawkey
67. Bob Skinner68. Bob Swift69. Bob Unglaub70. Bobby Bragan71. Bobby Cox72. Bobby Lowe
73. Bobby Mattick74. Bobby Valentine75. Bobby Wallace76. Bobby Wine77. Bobby Winkles78. Brad Ausmus
79. Brad Mills80. Branch Rickey81. Brandon Hyde82. Brian Snitker83. Bruce Bochy84. Bruce Kimm
85. Bryan Price86. Buck Ewing87. Buck Herzog88. Buck Martinez89. Buck Rodgers90. Buck Showalter
91. Bucky Dent92. Bucky Harris93. Bucky Walters94. Bud Harrelson95. Buddy Bell96. Buddy Black
97. Burleigh Grimes98. Burt Shotton99. Buster Mills100. Butch Hobson    

Clyde Milan
  Born: 3-25-1887   In: TN, USA
  Debut: 1907-08-19 00:00:00.0   Final Game: 1922-09-22 00:00:00.0

Year Team ID Team Name League G W L Rank Player
1922 WS1   Washington Senators AL 154 69 85 6 Y

1. Cal Ermer2. Cal McVey3. Cal Ripken
4. Cap Anson5. Carlos Tosca6. Casey Stengel
7. Cecil Cooper8. Charlie Buffinton9. Charlie Byrne
10. Charlie Comiskey11. Charlie Cushman12. Charlie Ebbets
13. Charlie Fox14. Charlie Gould15. Charlie Grimm
16. Charlie Hackett17. Charlie Manuel18. Charlie Mason
19. Charlie Metro20. Charlie Morton21. Charlie Pabor
22. Charlie Sweasy23. Chick Stahl24. Chicken Wolf
25. Chief Roseman26. Chief Zimmer27. Chip Hale
28. Chris Speier29. Chris Von Der Ahe30. Christy Mathewson
31. Chuck Cottier32. Chuck Dressen33. Chuck Tanner
34. Cito Gaston35. Clark Griffith36. Clint Hurdle
37. Clyde King38. Clyde Milan39. Clyde Sukeforth
40. Connie Mack41. Connie Ryan42. Cookie Lavagetto
43. Cookie Rojas44. Count Campau45. Craig Counsell
46. Cub Stricker47. Cy Perkins48. Cy Young
1. Ivey Wingo          
1. Jack Barry2. Jack Burdock3. Jack Chapman4. Jack Clements5. Jack Coombs6. Jack Crooks
7. Jack Doyle8. Jack Farrell9. Jack Glasscock10. Jack Hendricks11. Jack Krol12. Jack Manning
13. Jack McCallister14. Jack McKeon15. Jack O'Connor16. Jack Onslow17. Jack Rowe18. Jack Slattery
19. Jack Tighe20. Jackie Moore21. Jake Stahl22. Jay Faatz23. Jeff Banister24. Jeff Newman
25. Jeff Torborg26. Jerry Coleman27. Jerry Manuel28. Jerry Narron29. Jerry Royster30. Jewel Ens
31. Jim Bottomley32. Jim Clinton33. Jim Davenport34. Jim Essian35. Jim Fanning36. Jim Fogarty
37. Jim Fregosi38. Jim Frey39. Jim Gifford40. Jim Hart41. Jim Kennedy42. Jim Lefebvre
43. Jim Lemon44. Jim Leyland45. Jim Manning46. Jim Marshall47. Jim McCormick48. Jim Mutrie
49. Jim O'Rourke50. Jim Price51. Jim Riggleman52. Jim Rogers53. Jim Snyder54. Jim Tracy
55. Jimmie Wilson56. Jimmy Austin57. Jimmy Burke58. Jimmy Callahan59. Jimmy Collins60. Jimmy Dykes
61. Jimmy Macullar62. Jimmy McAleer63. Jimmy Williams64. Jimmy Wood65. Jimy Williams66. Jo-Jo White
67. Joe Adcock68. Joe Altobelli69. Joe Battin70. Joe Birmingham71. Joe Cantillon72. Joe Cronin
73. Joe Ellick74. Joe Frazier75. Joe Gerhardt76. Joe Girardi77. Joe Gordon78. Joe Kelley
79. Joe Kerrigan80. Joe Kuhel81. Joe Maddon82. Joe McCarthy83. Joe Miller84. Joe Morgan
85. Joe Quinn86. Joe Schultz87. Joe Simmons88. Joe Start89. Joe Tinker90. Joe Torre
91. Joel Skinner92. Joey Amalfitano93. John Bickerton94. John Boles95. John Clapp96. John Day
97. John Farrell98. John Felske99. John Gaffney100. John Ganzel101. John Gibbons102. John Hart
103. John Hatfield104. John Kelly105. John Kerins106. John McCloskey107. John McGraw108. John McLaren
109. John McNamara110. John Mizerock111. John Morrill112. John Russell113. John Vukovich114. John Waltz
115. John Ward116. John Wathan117. Johnny Cooney118. Johnny Evers119. Johnny Goryl120. Johnny Keane
121. Johnny Kling122. Johnny Lipon123. Johnny Neun124. Johnny Oates125. Johnny Pesky126. Juan Samuel
127. Judge Fuchs128. Jumbo Latham        
1. Vedie Himsl2. Vern Benson3. Vern Rapp      
1. Yogi Berra          
1. Zack Taylor          

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